Electronic Visit Verification

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What is Checkpoint

Electronic Visit Verification


Checkpoint is:

  1. Patented technology 
  2. Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)
  3. Cloud based software solution
  4. 21st Century Cures Act Compliant approach
  5. Able to integrate with your Health Record Management System and EHRs

21st century cures act


 The Cures Act mandates that states require EVV use for Medicaid-funded Personal Care Services (PCS) by January 1, 2020 and Home Health Care Services (HHCS) by January 1, 2023 for in home visits by a provider. 

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NYS webpage dedicated to EVV

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Tested and Trusted


Your success is our priority.  Checkpoint is helping agencies:

  1. Meet EVV regulations
  2. Improve efficiency and accuracy of billing
  3. Measure fidelity and authenticate service delivery
  4. Release untapped revenue

About Us


What people are saying about Checkpoint

Checkpoint is a "commonsense approach to Electronic Visit Verification"

This is a "simple and elegant solution"



We have been leading large system transformation efforts for the past 35+ years.  Our leadership team includes seasoned executives and industry experts from both public and private sector. 


Our Clients

We specialize in bringing technology to social service agencies -

  • Direct care providers- Home and Community Based Service providers, Child Welfare, Article 32 clinics,  Developmental Disability service organizations, Juvenile Justice, Behavioral Health providers including Evidence Based Program provider agencies.
  • International social welfare providers and systems 
  • State and local governmental units

Checkpoint: Electronic Visit Verification


Technology is a Tool, ours is EVV


We are on a mission to help your organization thrive: leverage the power of data and technology. We built our tool to make the right thing to do the easy thing to do.


Why we created our tech: We want to revolutionize the process of capturing service delivery in a way that will truly benefit patients and practitioners while meeting electronic visit verification requirements.

How it works:

  1. Create- fully customizable, generate unique codes to capture whatever data you want to collect
  2. Scan- leveraging scanning technology or photo capture to activate data collection   
  3. Collect- scanned codes will be logged into database where data is authenticated & time stamped

Integrate or stand-alone:

  •  Have a legacy system?  No Problem, our tool functions as a module supporting your platform and current workflows.
  • No EHR?  No Problem, get the benefits of Electronic data capture and fulfill billing regulations with ease.  Our solution can operate as a stand alone solution offering a low cost alternative to enterprise solutions with a quick set up time and comprehensive training.


21st Century Cures Act Compliant

Checkpoint's Electronic Visit Verification tool will:
· Automated show/no-show alerts

· Real time shift details

· Location verification (with or without GPS)

· Mobile monitoring of tasks

· Automated data collection/reporting

· Enhanced billing accuracy/RCM


Tested and Trusted

Eliminate double entry & reduce administrative burden by 30%

Increase billing compliance & accuracy up to 100%

Improve regulatory compliance and reduce/eliminate fraud,waste,abuse


What our Customers are saying:

- Checkpoint is  a commonsense Electronic Visit Verification capability that meets the new Federal reporting standards for all clinical touches in the home or at the office through patented scanning methodology, allowing clinicians standardized data reporting and clean billing.  

- Arik Hill, CIO, NY Foundling

“[This technology] provides a single solution for three problems: people, process and corporate.”  

– Dave Eherts, Director of EO, Actavis

Federal Utility Patent awarded 2016 US9529969B2

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CheckPoint Product Description

For reference we are providing you an overview of Checkpoint- our EVV solution


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